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The future development prospect of forging enterprises

At present, the development of China's forging industry constraints are many, mainly because of the aging equipment is not eliminated or eliminated less reasons.Some enterprises only have a few sets of mismatched forging hammer, most of the forging products produced are unqualified and inaccurate, and a small amount of investment also goes up in smoke.This shows that the forging industry should have a clear understanding, to give up or invest a lot of money to reinvent and regenerate, do not have the idea of maintenance.

With reform and opening up, the western developed countries the advanced theory in domestic has the development, forging industry began to be accepted as zhengzhou hualong machinery manufacture co., LTD., in 2012 successfully developed servo electric screw press is very representative, advanced forging equipment can make the forging industry began to product specialization, gradually formed a batch of use equipment in the production of precision product line and advanced technology.Therefore, in the future development of forging industry, the forging industry will pay more attention to technological innovation, price cost, production efficiency and other directions.

electric screw press

Servo electric screw press is driven by servo motor, only when the machine is running, high efficiency, energy saving, reduce production cost;Accurate control of energy, more uniform products;High degree of automation, higher production efficiency.Servo electric screw press will play a very important role in the development of forging industry in the future.

Over the past twenty years, China's forging industry has developed rapidly, but in the past time, from the overall level, the enterprise is almost at the same level.In the next few years, enterprises using advanced equipment to produce forgings will become profitable enterprises;It is very difficult for forging enterprises that produce inaccurate products and do not have advanced equipment to go from good to bad.According to the above situation, a group of enterprises with advanced equipment and professional production lines will appear in the forging industry, and these enterprises will be the center of the forging industry in the future.