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Why is electric screw press the preferred forging equipment?

The choice of forging equipment is mainly based on the technical requirements of the market for forgings and the level of the interests of the enterprise itself. The technical requirements of forgings, such as the shape, complexity and accuracy of forgings, are combined with the current equipment status of the enterprise and future economic interests to choose the appropriate forging equipment.

With the support of the national forging industry, domestic forging equipment develops rapidly, and more and more manufacturers have new innovations in forging equipment. The servo electric screw press developed by Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery in 2012 can meet the requirements of forging precision and long-term development interests at the same time.

Servo electric screw press is a machine, electricity, liquid integration of energy-saving CNC forging equipment, has a simple structure, strong partial load resistance, good control precision, precision forging forming blow energy, operation and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, production of high precision forgings are of good quality and is conducive to long-term development, improve the enterprise benefit, is the aviation, spaceflight, weapon, railway, engineering machinery and other industries ideal forging equipment.Especially compared with the friction press, the energy saving can reach over 48.5%, more intelligent automation, in the future market will be widely used.

electric screw press

The application of the servo electric screw press for the precision of modern mechanical precision intelligent control opens the door, with the rapid development of domestic automobile industries, market demand for manufacturing equipment more strict, servo electric screw press has apparently become the mainstream of motors automation equipment, are greatly occupy all walks of life, this is belong to the age of the servo electric screw press.