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How important is the automation of equipment in forging enterprises?

With the rapid development of machinery, automobile industry, forging industry workers demand is also increasing, forging industry appear workers injured case, so in improving product quality and economic efficiency of enterprises at the same time, the safety of the production process automation is also becoming more seriously, so the forging equipment not only needs to satisfy the requirement of the production product preciseness, also want to ensure the safety of the production process more automatic.

With the support of national policies and the promotion of market development, China's forging equipment has begun to develop rapidly. In 2012, the servo electric screw press was developed, and the mechanical equipment of Zhengzhou Hualong began to be put into use and widely used in the market.

Servo CNC electric screw press adopts servo motor direct drive, which has strong overload capacity, fast response speed, no energy loss, and multiple protection system.Simple operation, save labor, improve the safety of the production process;Can be grouped into the full automatic production line, the program automatic operation without the skilled workers, the one-button operation automatically completed.

electric screw press

There are a large number of forging enterprises in China, but most of them are small in scale, relatively backward in equipment and low in technology. They are more dependent on workers' proficiency and lack of automatic and intelligent equipment, which makes them more unsafe.So now more and more enterprises choose high degree of automation servo electric screw press, high degree of automation, safe and reliable.Under the guarantee of product accuracy, can better protect the safety of workers.