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How to establish a foothold in the forging industry for a long time?

With the development of China's forging industry and the requirements of high-end equipment on manufacturing industry, the market has higher and higher requirements on products, mainly in the direction of more reasonable and uniform product structure. Therefore, forging enterprises need to choose more intelligent and automatic forging equipment.

At present, some domestic forging enterprises have made great progress in forging equipment and capability by absorbing imported technology and strengthening research and development cooperation. For example, Zhengzhou Hualong has developed an electric screw press driven by servo motor in 2012 and started to put it into the market.

Servo electric screw press in the operation of the process of accurate control of energy, to ensure the homogenization of products;Servo drive response speed, simple structure, low maintenance cost;Moreover, it can also be assembled into a fully automated production line, and the automatic operation of the program does not require the proficiency of the workers, which fully meets the requirements of the forging enterprise for the precision of products and the improvement of economic benefits.

electric screw press

If forging enterprises want to establish a foothold in the forging industry for a long time, they need to timely understand the market dynamics, understand the market requirements for products and equipment, so as to timely replace the mechanical equipment, just like the servo electric screw press, which is selected by more and more enterprises, the technology determines the height, and the development will never stop.