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How should the forging enterprise choose the die forging equipment scientifically?

The mechanical equipment used for processing in the forging industry in the market is called die forging equipment.Die forging equipment includes electric screw press, hydraulic press, forging hammer and other equipment. Enterprises should understand their forging requirements when choosing equipment, and then choose presses with different emphasis.

The following selection is made by describing the characteristics of the device.

The forging hammer has fast forming speed, which is suitable for many kinds of small and medium batch production, especially for the production of large complex forging parts, but it is not suitable for forging the special alloy with low plasticity due to high noise, vibration and environmental pollution.

Hydraulic press can be used in the production of free forgings and special alloy structural parts.Compared with other die forging equipment, die forging hydraulic press has low working speed, controllable, stable action, basically unchanged loading speed, but long working stroke, leading to large loss of die.

Electric screw press adopts servo drive technology, stable energy, flexible production, precise manufacturing, can be used for precision die forging, in aluminum alloy, copper forging also occupies an advantage.This is the reason why the electric screw press has been popular in the die forging industry for several years.

electric screw press

Different equipment has different emphasis, suitable for different forging molding, can be selected according to the requirements of the product.For example, servo electric screw press is chosen by more and more forging enterprises because of its saving energy and improving economic efficiency in the long run.