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How to realize the automatic connection of forging equipment in forging enterprises?
With the support of national policies and the promotion of market development, the scale of China's forging industry has been firmly ranked first in the world. With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, China's forgings output has kept high, and has been the world's largest producer and consumer of forgings for many years.
There are a large number of forging enterprises in China, most of which are small in scale, relatively backward in equipment and low in technology, so significant scale effect cannot be achieved. Then how can some enterprises lacking in equipment and technology realize the automatic docking of forging equipment?


1. First, select the products with stable output and relatively large quantity, transform several lines into automatic forging lines in the early stage, and select the appropriate press according to the characteristics of forging products.

2. Clean the equipment and molds of production line presses that need to be modified.

3. Choose the type of forging press, and pursue the suitable press instead of blindly pursuing the expensive press.

4. When exchanging the automatic forging process, the production characteristics of the automatic forging line must be determined.According to the product weight, production characteristics select the press tonnage, select the appropriate forging machine.


We can inspect each forging factory on site to understand the technical capacity and production scale of large enterprises.Communicate with the forging company about the specific requirements of automatic forging line and press machine.
In recent years, under the guidance of a series of national encouragement policies, the forging industry has formed a batch of advanced forging products with independent intellectual property rights, and the technical level of the forging industry is also steadily improving.Forging enterprises are also gradually moving towards safer, more time-saving and labor-saving press automation.