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What kind of press are used in the production of auto parts?

  With the development of automobile parts manufacturing industry, the requirements on parts quality are also getting higher and higher. It is not only necessary to strengthen cost control,To ensure stable quality, lean thinking is the higher requirement, and finally establish a high-quality, low-cost, rapid response operation system.

  Servo press with its unique variety of pressing mode, real-time control and detection in one of the intelligent assembly features, has been welcomed by the majority of automotive and automotive parts enterprises.As a new technology, servo press has the advantages that traditional hydraulic press does not have. In the process of auto parts manufacturing, such as pressing and assembling, it brings high quality products and effectively improves the automobile manufacturing technology level.


Then the advantages of servo press are mainly reflected in several aspects.

1. Short contact time with the mold, little change in mold temperature, high mold life, pressure NUMERICAL control, the mold will not overload wear and damage.

2. Extremely simple structure and low cost.

3, intelligent automatic NUMERICAL control, the operation of the press by high-speed computer intelligent numerical control, can achieve full automation, without manual operation.

4. The equipment has high reliability, no wearing parts, higher strength than the permanent magnet servo motor, solid and reliable, impact resistance, and the maintenance of the equipment without maintenance can effectively save maintenance personnel and maintenance hours.


Servo press has become the first choice for auto parts production due to its advantages of controlling the precise movement of machinery, processing products flexibility, intelligence, cost saving and production accuracy.