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Which type of press is better for titanium alloy forging?

In the forging process, different forging presses are generally selected according to the size of the titanium alloy blank, the metal properties of the titanium alloy, the size and shape of the finished product, etc.Hydraulic press is recommended for large titanium alloy die forgings, while electric screw press and mechanical press are recommended for small and medium-sized titanium alloy die forgings.

In addition to the early aerospace, national defense, petrochemical and power plant industries, the application of titanium and titanium alloy has expanded to the automobile, bicycle industry, medical equipment components, sports and leisure products and architectural landscape industries.

The following introduces the electric screw press and hydraulic press to introduce the choice of titanium alloy free forging equipment.


Hydraulic press

With titanium alloy in the Marine industry, chemical industry, the rapid development of the aerospace field, forging large, cannot satisfy the needs of the development of the titanium alloy forging forging hammer has been using the forging force greater hydraulic press forging, metal deformation under static pressure, characterized by low strain rate, deformation of metal heat is small, easy to obtain uniform structure, suitable for forging various forgings.

Hydraulic press has the advantages of stable movement, less noise, high degree of automation, greater forging power and so on.

Electric screw press

The electric screw press is a kind of energy-saving precision forging press equipment. The electric screw press can be used not only for hot forging, but also for precision forging of titanium alloy blades and other blades, as well as forgings such as engine compressor plate and turbine plate. The screw press has the working characteristics of both hammer and press.Especially suitable for fine forging of thin wall forgings.

The electric screw press has the features of great versatility, simple structure, easy adjustment and maintenance, no dead point of sliding block, convenient mold design and high forging precision.

In the absence of hydraulic press and electric screw pressure machine, can choose hammer, but at this time should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the technical procedures to operate, so as not to cause the structure and performance of unqualified.