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How to select the right press according to the forging process?

With the development of manufacturing industry, the requirements of forging forming parts are higher and higher, so the research and development of forging technology also put forward higher requirements.At present, there are many kinds of forging techniques that have been used in production, which can be divided into the following types according to the different forming temperature.

Hot forging process

The forging process where the forging temperature is above the recrystallization temperature is called hot forging. For hot forging, common equipment includes hot die forging press, multi-station temperature forging press, electric screw press and hydraulic press, etc.

Cold forging process

Cold forging is a forging process carried out at room temperature.The common equipment of cold forging forming includes cold forging press, cold extrusion press, cold heading machine, cold rotary rolling machine and so on

Warm forging process

Warm forging is a forging process carried out at a suitable temperature below the recrystallization temperature.It has the advantages of both cold forging and hot forging and overcomes the disadvantages of both.

Composite forging process

With the increasing complexity of fine forgings and the improvement of precision requirements, simple cold, warm and hot forging technology can no longer meet the requirements. Composite forgings can give full play to the advantages of cold, warm and hot forging, and abandon the disadvantages of cold, warm and hot forging.

Isothermal forging process

Isothermal forging is the forging of billet at a constant temperature, especially for titanium alloy which is very sensitive to deformation temperature.

Thus, in order to meet the requirements of forging process, forging equipment needs to have the following characteristics.

1 with good rigidity, so that the deformation of the machine itself in the process of deformation is small, to ensure the size of the forging workpiece precision.

2The precision guide mechanism ensures the closing precision of the mould.

3With the movement ability of multi-cylinder, it can realize the requirement of multi-mould movement in precision forging.

4. Automatic monitoring and detection of production process.

The characteristics of the electric screw press, such as accurate control, uniform products, multi-cylinder movement ability, free control of energy process, high efficiency and energy saving, meet the demands of the forging process for the press.