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What kinds of electric screw presses are commonly used in forging enterprises?

In the forging market, the electric screw press is a kind of energy-saving precision forging press equipment, no mechanical transmission, servo motor direct drive, slide guide precision, strong anti-deflection ability, is a new energy-saving environmental protection press.

Currently on the market of electric screw press in more used in the numerical control electric screw press, program-controlled electric screw press and friction press, but because of the friction screw press in large kinetic energy loss in the process of transmission, large element, the efficiency is low, the worker labor intensity big, 1999 in our country in its list of backward product, so the numerical control electric screw press and programmable electric screw press to distinguish between what is.

electric screw press

CNC electric screw press, is a digital control, through the digital quantity of computer technology for the control of technology.

1. Accurate energy control and fast response speed

Servo motor direct drive, running response speed is fast.

2. Fast forming speed, extend the life of the mold

The contact time with the mold is short, the mold temperature changes little, greatly prolongs the life of the mold.

3. Simple structure, low maintenance cost

Servo motor direct drive, simple structure of less parts, low maintenance and maintenance costs.

4. High efficiency, energy saving, reduce production costs

The servomotor only turns when the machine is in operation, and the comprehensive energy saving effect is about 55% compared with the previous friction press.

CNC screw press completely simulates manual operation and sets the strike force digitally to ensure the consistency of the product.

Programmed electric screw press is a program control, there are a variety of procedures for technical control.

The programmed electric screw press is only controlled for a certain program. Unlike the flexible and diversified CNC electric screw press, the programmed electric screw press has been adjusted by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. It operates only according to the set program, and its technicality, flexibility and precision are all lower than those of the CNC electric screw press.

CNC electric screw press has strong process adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection, high degree of automation.It is not only suitable for hot forging, but also for precision forging and finishing. It is an indispensable advanced equipment for modern forging enterprises.