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Features of electric screw press

As the main forming equipment of forging industry, electric screw press has its own characteristics.

From the working principle and structure of the electric screw press, it can be seen that the electric screw press has the following characteristics:

1.The structure of the main machine is simpler than that of the friction press, with low failure rate and easy maintenance. Compared with the friction press, there is no need to replace the friction belt wearing parts. Compared with hydraulic screw press and clutch screw press, there is no hydraulic drive unit, and the maintenance cost is obviously reduced.

2.The strike energy can be set precisely, the forming precision is high, the manufacturing part tolerance is small, especially suitable for the precision forging. Due to the precision control of the strike energy, the die load can be reduced and the die life can be significantly improved compared with that of the friction press.

3.The program can be forged, and the host machine can run according to the preset strike energy of each working step. After hitting, the slider can stop at the dead point again, and the stop time can be set in advance to meet the requirements of some processes.

4.Due to the use of variable frequency drive or servo drive, the press will not have an impact on the power grid and affect the operation of other equipment. When the slider is still, the motor works with low power consumption. High efficiency.

5.There is no bottom dead center, do not need to adjust the height of the mold, will not produce stuffy phenomenon. Die structure is simple, easy to change. It is convenient to adjust the height of stroke, and the position of return trip is accurate.