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The advantages of electric screw press in forging industry are discussed from the characteristics of electric screw press
The biggest advantage of electric screw press is high work efficiency, easy maintenance, large energy, suitable for forming a variety of large deformation parts.Now take the electric screw press of Haloong company as an example to illustrate the main role and advantages of the electric screw press in the forging industry.

As a manufacturer of forging press equipment, Haloong has been committed to providing complete sets of solutions such as equipment and production line for metal forming industry since its establishment. With 40 years of manufacturing experience in forging press equipment, Haloong is equipped with the press equipment needed in the metal processing industry.

In recent years, the high efficiency electric screw press produced in Haloong has concentrated a number of innovations, including servo drive and control system. The performance of the press is in the leading level, which provides a reliable choice for forging production.

The need of users is the goal of Haloong's action, to make suitable "own" presses for customers.Screw press is a typical forging equipment. The first recognized screw press was made by Lenardo da Vinci, which was used by Gutenberg to produce parts for his printing machine. The screw press used in the industrial revolution period of some structures, there are some man-machine control defects, now, Haloong company in the industry has launched precision, energy saving, modern screw press.

Compared with hydraulic press and forging hammer, electric screw press belongs to non lifting metal forging press equipment.

The screw press can provide large forming force and energy at a reasonable cost. From a kinematic point of view, there is no fixed lower dead point,It will not be stuffy under load.As an electric equipment, the forging stroke of the screw press is relatively short, the energy output is stable, and the forming repetition precision is high.The screw press is suitable for preforging, straightening, hot and cold finishing and fine pressing. Steel, aluminum and other alloys can be processed.

In the field of powder metallurgy forging, the sintering blank can be compacted and formed. Because of its characteristics, the electric screw press is very suitable for the production of open and closed precision die forging.

Due to its structure, drive, control system and high degree of intelligence, electric screw machine is playing an increasingly important role in the forging industry.
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