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Why is electric screw press suitable for forging production?
Electric screw press is a new type of forging and pressing equipment, widely used, strong applicability, simple structure, large capacity, in order to facilitate later mold design,The sliding block of electric screw press design has no lower dead point, and the equipment debugging and maintenance are very simple.The electric screw press can be used not only for hot forging, but also for precision forging and finishing. It has a wide range of applications, such as all kinds of precision forging, finishing, precision pressing, calibration, and so on. The forging precision is very high.
Electric screw press small size, no vertical wheel, simple operation, accurate and adjustable strike force, so the mold wear rate is low, low maintenance cost, small workload.The electric screw press has excellent design, high precision of slide guide, and strong anti-bias load, so it is very suitable for multi-station die forging.According to the use of the environment needs of the electric screw press transmission design has two kinds, one is belt drive, belt drive electric screw press good shock resistance, the other is gear drive. Electric screw press has the following characteristics:

1,High precision energy control, both in hot die forging and precision pressure performance is very good.
2,Simple structure, simple transmission, low failure rate, easy follow-up maintenance, and low labor intensity, low maintenance costs, low production costs.
3,According to the product's material and weight when switching the strike force is very convenient, the product has high precision, small mold loss, long maintenance and replacement cycle.
4,When the full load work on the power grid impact is small, the use of advanced electrical control technology to drive the motor, so that the motor full load operation of the impact on the power grid is very small, will not affect the balance of the power grid.
5,The sliding block has no fixed lower dead point, the later mold design and adjustment is convenient, reduce the situation of boring.
6,Compared with the ordinary friction press, no vertical wheel, horizontal shaft and other dangerous accessories and vulnerable accessories, high reliability.
7,Relative to the hydraulic press, low price, the elimination of hydraulic equipment, no hydraulic pipe, there is no leakage pollution problems.

In summary, the simple structure and good control speed of electric screw press have become the ideal choice for forging forming in the forging and forging industry in recent years.
Haloong electric screw press
Haloong electric screw press