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Analysis of technical characteristics of  loose tooling forging

loose tooling forging is a method of die forging by installing a certain shape mold in free hammer forging or press machine.loose tooling forging is a forging technology developed to adapt to the production of small and medium batch forgings. It has the characteristics of die forging and free forging.The blank is usually made by free forging, and then formed in the moulding bed.

Loose tooling forging is a forging method between free forging and die forging.It has the characteristics of flexible free forging process and simple tools. also has the characteristics of complex shape, accurate size and high production efficiency.In the production of less die forging machine ,more free forging hammer,adapt free forging hammer to loose tooling forging,in this way ,improve the “fat “ of the free hand forging .There are many loose tools in the loose tooling forging,such as:cast mould,buckling die,cover die,cushion type die,compound die and so on.

During loose tooling forging, the operator places the die on the free forging equipment with clamping tools.In order to meet the needs of forging forming, the die can be moved freely.loose tooling forging has the following characteristics:

1,Forging equipment. The die forging is done on the press and also on the air hammer. Large die forging is done on a steam hammer. Due to the large size and quality of the large die and forgings, it is often used to forge the steering machine or manipulator clamping die forging.

2,Good technology. The loose tooling forging process is flexible and it can forge almost all kinds of forgings. Because the die is not fixed on the forging equipment, it is convenient to use. Especially the interchangeability of the die is good, is the fixed die can not be done.

3,Low mould cost. The volume of the die is much smaller than the fixed die, less consumable. Most of the mould bore can be made by ordinary machining methods, the manufacturing cost is low, so it is widely used in the machine manufacturing industry.


●During forging, the contact time between the high temperature forging blank and the moulding bed is long, and the parts of the forging blank such as the boss and the sharp Angle are cooled down quickly, which reduces the plasticity of the material and increases the deformation resistance. Sometimes, it is difficult for the metal to fill the mold chamber.

●Before the blank into the mold to remove the surface of the oxide skin, otherwise it will affect the forging surface quality;

●Loose tooling forging mainly rely on manual pressure machine mold up and down, up and down turning, labor intensity.

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