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Why is the electric screw press suitable for forging

Forging is the plastic deformation of metal caused by the application of pressure. The equipment for applying pressure usually includes forging hammer, electric screw press and so on. Electric screw press is a kind of widely used forging and pressing equipment, it can complete a variety of different forging and pressing process, not only can be used for metal plastic forming, but also widely used in building materials, refractory and other industries.

Let's first analyze the performance characteristics of electric screw press.

1.Controllable striking force:electric screw press belongs to energy-limited equipment, which can control the striking force weight by controlling the striking energy each time.

2.The strike speed is moderate: the strike speed of the electric screw press is between the mechanical press and the forging hammer, and the maximum speed is 0.45~1.0m/s. Because the speed is lower than that of forging hammers, it is beneficial to metal recrystallization recovery, and it is more suitable for forging low plastic alloy steel and nonferrous metal and other aviation materials.

3.The working stroke is not fixed: because the stroke is not fixed, it can automatically eliminate the impact of the elastic deformation of the body on the workpiece precision. The desired deformation can be achieved by multiple strikes.

electric screw press
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4.The overload capacity is large: the electric screw press strength is designed by the limit cold shock force, the limit cold shock force of the screw press is about 3 times of the nominal force.

5.The impact vibration is small: because the impact force is closed by the fuselage, the basic investment is less than the forging hammer. But the screw pressure fuselage has unbalanced torque to the foundation, the foundation design should have corresponding measures. In addition, the noise is small, easy to meet the requirements of environmental protection, good working conditions.

The performance characteristics of the electric screw press summarized above determine its importance to the forging industry. Also because of this, forging and pressing enterprises tend to choose electric screw press.