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What should the forging enterprise pay attention to in the course of forging?

1. The forging process includes: cutting the material into the required size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection.In a small manual forging, all these operations are performed by several blacksmiths, both hands, in a small space.Exposure to the same harmful environment and occupational hazards; In large forging workshops, the hazards vary from job to job.

Working conditions: although working conditions vary from forging to forging, they share certain characteristics: moderate manual labor, hot and dry microclimates, noise and vibration, air pollution by smoke.

2.Workers are exposed to high temperature air and thermal radiation at the same time, resulting in the accumulation of heat in the body. Heat plus metabolic heat will cause heat dissipation disorders and pathological changes.

3.Air pollution: the air at the site may contain soot, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or acrolein in concentrations depending on the type of furnace fuel and impurities, as well as combustion efficiency, airflow, and ventilation.Noise and vibration hammer will inevitably produce low frequency noise and vibration, but there may be some high frequency components.

4.Working personnel exposed to forging vibration may cause temperamental and functional disorder, which will reduce forging working ability and affect safety. CNC electric screw press low noise, especially the static pressure electric screw press from Haloong machinery is energy-saving and environmental protection, limited to reduce dust pollution.

forging site
forging site