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New concept of forging technology

1.Adopt less oxidation and rapid heating technology

The non-oxidizing reheating furnace with inert protective atmosphere in the furnace can avoid the defects of oxidation and decarburization in the heating process of billet. Use gas to rapidly heat the nozzle and convection heat transfer, improve the heat transfer efficiency, mainly suitable for heating less than 100mm rod.

2.The new technology of smelting is adopted to improve the quality of ingot for large forging

In recent years, the emergence of new smelting technology (such as: vacuum refining, electroslag refining, ladle refining, etc.) has greatly improved the quality of ingot, which is conducive to improving the internal quality of large forging.

3.Highlight the development of precise net form, the development of less cutting technology

The net and near-net form of metallic materials is an advanced manufacturing technology. It refers to the forming technology which can be used as mechanical components after the parts are formed and only need a little processing or no processing.It has the advantages of saving materials, saving labor hours, improving productivity, reducing cost, and improving parts performance and quality. It is not only widely used in manufacturing industry, especially in automobile manufacturing.

4.Application of computer technology in forging production

Computer aided design and manufacturing technology have been applied to die forging production, and obvious economic benefits have been obtained.Mainly through man-machine dialogue, the simulation of the die forging process, people can predict the metal flow, strain, stress, temperature distribution, mold stress, possible defects and failure forms.


The use of fluid media to replace the die force to achieve plastic metal processing is called hydraulic forming.It can simplify the structure of the mold, shorten the production cycle of the product, and make complex workpiece which can't be made by other methods. It is very important to improve the performance of the car, reduce the number of parts and reduce the weight of the car.

6.Laser forming technique

Laser forming relies on the laser to make the plate local rapid heating and cooling, under the action of thermal stress, the metal produces a small deformation; Heat the selected area repeatedly to obtain the desired shape.

7.Composite technology

The so-called composite technology refers to the characteristics of other forming processes to improve and improve the role of this process. For example, the casting and forging process for casting and forging composite process; The blanking and then forging process is blanking and forging compound process. First hot then cold forging process for cold and hot composite forging process; Rolling before forging process.