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New concept of forging process

1 Precision die forging

Precision die forging is an advanced technology to improve the precision and surface quality of forgings.The precision of forgings can reach ±0.2mm, and the surface roughness can reach Ra 6.3mm, achieving less and no cutting. Fiber streamline distribution is reasonable, good mechanical properties.Precision die forging can produce parts with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, such as blades, but the billet is required to be heated in a protective atmosphere.

2 Superplastic forming

Superplasticity can be understood as the supernormal uniform plastic deformation capacity of metal materials, their elongation can reach hundreds or even thousands of percent.Superplastic forming is a method of plastic machining that utilizes the superplasticity of certain metals under certain conditions (temperature, deformation rate and microstructure).This forming technology is a new material processing technology that has been developing rapidly in the past 20 years. It has been widely used in aerospace fields, such as forging of titanium alloy blades for aero-engines.

3 powder forging

Powder forging is a kind of forging method in which metal powder is compacted and sintered as forging blank.The forgings have compact structure, low surface roughness and high dimensional accuracy, and can be machined with little or no cutting.For example, the weight accuracy of powder forged linkages can be up to 1%, while the weight accuracy of forged linkages can be 2.5%. Compared with conventional machining linkages, mass production can save 35% processing costs.

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4 High-energy formation

High energy forming is a processing method to obtain high energy (such as chemical energy, impact energy, electric energy, etc.) through appropriate methods, so that billet can be formed rapidly in a very short time. There are common explosion forming, electromagnetic forming, electrohydraulic forming.

5 High speed hammer forging

High speed hammer forging is driven by the sudden release of high pressure gas energy drive up and down hammer head high speed movement, air strike, make metal plastic forming forging method. This technology is applicable to the forging of some high strength, low plasticity, hard to form metal, mostly used for precision forging and extrusion of blade, gear and other parts.