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Forging technology of connecting rod

Forging technology is used to manufacture connecting rod and crank connecting rod mechanism of automobile engine.

Connecting rod forming process

Because the metal volume of the connecting rod along the axis of the large head, rod body, small head distribution, therefore, the general connecting rod in forging forming to be the first blank, usually using drawing length, rolling extrusion and other work steps to pre-divide the metal.And because the rod body of the connecting rod more use "i-shaped" section, in order to avoid the metal flow due to the unreasonable occurrence of folding and other forging defects, but also in order to be conducive to the forging and die life improvement and other factors, the connecting rod die forging forming generally use preforging, final forging two steps.In order to ensure the high tolerance of shape, position and weight of the connecting rod forgings, cold correction and cold fine pressing are generally carried out after the cleaning process.ecause of the importance of the parts, connecting rod forgings are usually 100% flaw detection.

connecting rod

Connecting rod forming equipment

Due to the characteristics of forging technology of connecting rod forging, the forming equipment can be used die forging hammer, hot die forging forging press, friction forging press and so on.When forging formed parts on the die hammer, generally adopt the overall die die die forging (drawing, rolling, pre-forging, final forging, etc.). When forging formed parts on the hot die forging press, it is necessary to draw out the length, roll and squeeze the blank on the roller forging press or other equipment, and then carry out preforging and final forging on the hot die forging press.Because the friction press is not suitable for the die forging of multi-die bore, the forging of forming parts should also be done on other equipment first, and preforging and final forging generally need to be completed on two equipment.The cold correction of connecting rod is usually carried out on friction press or hydraulic press. Rod cold fine press is generally in the fine press, hydraulic press or friction pressure machine.