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How does servo CNC forging press lead forging enterprises to meet opportunities and challenges

Servo CNC forging press is one of the most discussed topics in the forging industry in recent years. Servo CNC forging press how to lead the forging industry, we analyze from the following aspects.

1,Enterprise forging diversified development

The technology of servo nc press can be optimized with great process flexibility. There are a variety of slider movement curve, by adjusting the blank holder force at different positions of the die pad, improve the formability of parts.Precise control of servo CNC forging press enables large tonnage of servo CNC forging press to forge small parts, providing strong support for enterprises to deal with diversified orders.

forging press striking curve

2,Direction of enterprise automation

High degree of automation of servo CNC forging press, can be set into automatic production line, automatic operation of the program, can achieve unmanned production.

3,Enterprise product quality

The precise control of pressure energy makes each stroke repeatedly implement the precise pressure of nowhere to ensure the uniformity of products.The structure is reasonable and there is no need to worry about excessive load caused by excessive material size or uneven heating. The same material can be repeatedly pressed with different strength to achieve successive forging.

4,Equipment management

Servo CNC forging press molding speed, prolong the service life of the abrasive.

Emergency braking, mechanical braking only do double protection, greatly extended the service life of the brake.

Simple structure, fewer parts, greatly reduce the maintenance, maintenance costs.

Fool operation, do not need skilled technical workers.

Password protection can be set up to prevent the impact of human operation on product quality.

5,The reduction of enterprise internal consumption

The reports of daily production, monthly production and annual production of products are automatically exported to provide basic data for big data analysis of enterprises.

The exportable function of the forming process satisfies the reproducibility of the production process and eliminates the operation of the process setting again.


Servo CNC forging press excellent performance, excellent expansibility, is the ideal equipment for forming modern forging and pressing enterprises.