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Several classifications of electric screw presses.

Electric screw press is mainly used for the processing of high, medium and low grade refractory products, or the processing and forming of various metal materials products (cold and hot forging, cold forging of thin forgings, casting forging) and other processes. 

Electric screw presses are mainly divided into the following types:

1. According to the type of transmission mechanism, it can be divided into friction type, electric type, hydraulic type and clutch type.  


2.According to the working mode of the screw, it can be divided into three categories: screw linear motion, screw rotary motion and screw spiral motion  

electric screw press

3.Electric screw presses can be divided into three types according to the number of screw : single screw, twin screw and multi screw type.  


4. According to the process use, it can be divided into universal press, stamping press, forging press, etc.  


5.According to the structure, it can be divided into: anvil block type and non-anvil block type.  

Electric screw press is of Haloong driven and controlled by permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, which is composed of mechanical parts such as frame, flywheel, screw nut, slider, lubrication mechanism, braking mechanism and electrical parts such as servo motor, electrical control cabinet, operation button station, etc. It is an updated product of friction press.  The working principle of the electric screw press is that the motor is given instructions through the servo control system. When the motor is started, the flywheel is driven to make the screw rotate, and then the rotating motion is changed into up and down reciprocating motion, and the striking action is completed. The striking strength, speed and times are precisely controlled by digital programs.