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What aspects does the transmission system of a friction press include?

The friction press adopts screw and nut as the transmission mechanism, and relies on the screw transmission to change the flywheel's positive and negative rotary motion into the reciprocating motion of the slider. The friction press is the equipment used in forging industry.  And the friction press  has a wide range of uses, which can be used for hot forging, fine forging and finishing.

The traditional system of a press includes the following aspects:

1.  shield  

For exposed moving parts, protective covers should generally be set up.  The gap between the protective cover and the moving parts shall not be harmful to human body.  


2.  Stroke indication of slider  

The stroke of the slider should be indicated by the upper limit.  


3.steering indication

The unidirectional rotating parts of friction press, such as friction disc, should generally have steering indication marks.  

friction press

4.  Balance check   

High-speed rotating parts, such as flywheel, should generally carry out static balance or dynamic balance test.  


5.  Stroke buffer device for slider   

The friction press should be equipped with a buffer device to prevent the slider from moving to the limit when the brake fails and colliding with the fuselage.  

The composition of the transmission system makes the press safer and more reliable in use.  However, in the use of the friction press, it is still necessary to standardize the operation and pay attention to their own safety to prevent safety accidents