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Matters needing attention in working process of CNC electric press.

  With the rapid development of forging industry, CNC electric press technology is also improving, so some companies will expand production.  However, while pursuing high production, reasonable and standardized use of CNC electric press is a very important link, otherwise it is prone to safety risks.  The following is to introduce the CNC electric press in the process of work should pay attention to matters.  

1.It takes about 15 seconds for the system to start, and the equipment can run normally after the PLC touch screen starts normally.  After starting the CNC electric press, observe whether the transmission mechanism is working normally, and then the automatic mode operation can be carried out;  

2. When the equipment fails, the emergency stop button on the button operation station should be pressed first, and the rotary switch should be rotated to the correct mode, and the reset operation should be conducted on the touch screen.  Proceed to the next step only after the fault is rectified.  


3.after the completion of mold replacement or equipment maintenance, should be in the "mold" file to open the slider to zero position, the switch light on before automatic mode operation.


4. CNC electric press can be used in rated tonnage, not more than 10% of the rated tonnage range.  

 CNC electric press

5. Non-professional staff are strictly prohibited from contacting the touch screen of the electrical cabinet and the button operation station on the host machine. 


6.Do not run the machine before installing the mold.  When installing the mold,  must stop the slider at the top and then install the upper and lower molds.  The machine can operate only after the mold is properly installed and adjusted.


7. It is forbidden to touch the mold with your hand before the slide block of CNC electric press stops. 


8, the retaining iron can not block two limit switches at the same time, please pay attention to the adjustment.  The distance between the retaining iron and the proximity switch is 3-5 mm;  


9, maintenance equipment and sundries shall not be placed on the machine;  


10.After the power is switched on, all kinds of personnel are forbidden to enter the upper maintenance platform.


11.When the machine needs to be shut down temporarily for equipment maintenance, filling material should be poured into the mold to prevent the equipment from sliding and resulting in the hammer stuck in the mold. 


 The technology and process level of CNC electric press developed by Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are making continuous progress. In recent years, the press equipment produced by Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been exported to many countrie.