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How to oil the press?

The press needs lubricating oil to run better. If the press lacks lubricating oil, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also affect the life of the press. So,Which parts of the press need lubricating oil ?

1. Grease lubrication pump

Check the extension length of oil level signal rod when the press is started every day, and oil should be added in advance when the oil is almost finished. Grease pump should open the right CAM cover every six months, clean the dirty oil inside and install clean semi-fluid thick oil. Grease filters should be cleaned once a year.

2. The gear box

Change the oil once a year. Unscrew the stop door of the lower end of the gear box to put the oil in the gear box, and then open the gear box cover on the top of the fuselage, and inject clean oil until it reaches the oil scale on the right side of the fuselage.

3. Balance cylinder

The balance cylinder of the press should refuel every 6 months, open the upper cover of the balance cylinder on the left and right sides of the top of the fuselage, and inject appropriate amount of lubricating oil.


4. Worm gear and worm

Change the oil every 6 months. Remove the oil plug on the right side of the slider, drain the oil and plug it up, then unscrew the oil plug on the right side of the spherical cover plate, inject the specified oil, and screw the oil plug.

5. Connecting rod thread

Add lubricating oil once a month. The grease gun injects clean lubricating oil through the nozzle.

6. Slider lifting chain, CAM controller chain  

Grease the chain once every six months with a brush.  


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