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Process characteristics of bending parts processed by screw press

What aspects should be paid attention to when machining curved parts by screw press?  What are the process characteristics of bending parts processed by screw press?  


1)The fillet radius of bending parts should be greater than the minimum bending radius;  But should not be too large, so as not to affect the accuracy due to rebound.  

2)The side length of bending parts should not be too small, generally H > R=2t.  When H is too small, grooves should be cut between bending and non-bending parts to eliminate elongation deformation and tensile cracking of non-bending roots.  

screw press

3)When bending parts are processed by screw press,bending at the mutation size should be avoided as far as possible. In case of such a design, the bending line should be moved some distance from the mutation.  Otherwise, tears may occur due to stress concentration at the sharp corner of the mutation.

(4) When the bending line is perpendicular to the fiber direction of the sheet, the structure of the bending part is better than that when the two are parallel.  Therefore, the bending line of the bending parts should be avoided as far as possible in parallel with the fiber direction of the plate;  When a bending part has more than one bend, the bending line and fiber direction can be made into a certain angle.