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Why does Haloong install servo motors for the electric screw press?

  With the rapid development of modern motor industry, there are electric screw presses with different motors on the market.  Common motors with electric screw press are: ordinary motor (three-phase asynchronous machine), switched reluctance motor, goose-step servo permanent magnet motor.  Next, the specific reason why electric screw press equipped with servo motor is better will be analyzed.  

1. Disadvantages of asynchronous motor:  

(1) the starting current is large, the power is not enough, it is difficult to meet the needs of the load, even if the hydraulic coupler is increased, the efficiency will become very low, the energy consumption is greater, the production cost will increase a lot.  

(2) large torque is not large, can not load, only light load.  

(3)Large starting current requires transformer distribution, which further increases the cost.  At the same time, it will reduce the service life of the motor.

electric screw press


2.The switched reluctance motor mounted on the electric screw press has better performance than the ordinary motor: when starting, there will not be such a big horse pulling a small car on ordinary motor;  Stronger load capacity;  Energy saving than ordinary motors.  However, there are still large starting current and insufficient power control.  Large starting current has impact on the power grid. This problem also appears in ordinary motors. In switched reluctance motors, this problem is still unresolved.  

  The goose-step servo permanent magnet motor will not have the above problems. Small starting current, no impact on the power grid; In addition to the striking forming time, the rest of the time does not consume electricity; The control precision of the force is very high, the speed error is 0.0001 revolution; High overload resistance, with multiple protection system for over pressure, under pressure, over current, so the machine has higher reliability, good stability, long life.Therefore, the performance of electric screw press with servo motor is better.