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The characteristics of forging are analyzed from the aspects of safety technology and labor protection 1.0

What are the characteristics of forging?  This article will analyze the characteristics of forging from two aspects -- safety technology and labor protection.  

1.The forging production is carried out in the state of hot metal, there is a lot of manual labor, a little careless may occur burns.  Some enterprises have a higher degree of automation in forging and pressing, which effectively reduces this situation.  

2.The heating furnace and hot ingot, blank and forgings in the forging shop constantly emit a large amount of radiant heat (forgings still have a very high temperature at the end of forging), and workers often suffer from the damage of thermal radiation.  


3.The smoke and dust generated by the heating furnace of the forging workshop in the combustion process is discharged into the air of the workshop, which not only affects the working environment, but also reduces the visibility of the workshop, so it may also cause industrial accidents.  

4.The equipment used in forging production, such as air hammer, steam hammer, friction press, etc., will send out impact force when working. When the equipment is subjected to the impact load, it may be damaged suddenly (such as the sudden break of the piston rod of the forging hammer), resulting in serious injury accidents.  Electric screw forging press with small impact and digital control can reduce the occurrence of this situation.