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Technical parameters of friction screw press .

 The main technical parameters of the friction screw press reflect the technological capacity of a friction screw press, the size of the products that can be processed and the index of productivity, and it is also an important basis for people to choose and use the press and design the mold.  


1. Nominal pressure PN=1300KN: It refers to the maximum allowable working pressure at a specific point before the bottom dead center of the friction screw press slider, and is the main reference index of the specifications of the friction screw press.  

2.slider stroke: 300mm refers to the distance of slider from top dead center to bottom dead center

3.Stroke times: refers to the reciprocating motion of the slider from TDC to BDC and back to TDC, which is a stroke.

4.Table size: the table size determines the size range of the upper die seat, and the size of the center hole of the slider determines the allowable size of the processing material of the die. 

friction screw press

   Notes for purchasing friction screw press:  

1. The nominal pressure of the friction screw press shall be greater than the total pressure required by all processes;  

2. The stroke of the friction screw press should meet the required size of the product, and ensure that the product can be removed from the mold after stamping.   

3. The number of strokes per minute of the slider shall meet the requirements of productivity and material deformation speed;  

4. Generally, motor power is not considered, but if there is enough pressure and power overload during special stamping, the motor power should be greater than the power required for stamping.  

5. The closing height of the friction screw press(see remarks), the size of the work table and the size of the slide block shall meet the requirements of the correct installation of the die;