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What are the common problems of friction press?

Friction press in the process of operation often occur some faults, especially wearing parts, Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. since 1980 began to focus on the production of press research, and for the friction press common problems and how to maintain a certain understanding.  The following is to analyze the common faults of friction press and provide solutions:  


1. The slider cannot stop at the upper end.  

The reason:  

(1) The position of the inclined plate controlling the brake device is too high, and the upper limit plate is too low;   

(2) The brake spring is weak or loose;   

(3) There is oil on the friction working surface of the brake wheel, resulting in skid.  


Solution: Contact professional maintenance workers to eliminate and repair specific reasons.

2. The main motor of the friction press is burned out. 

Cause: Started with load.  

Solution: The flywheel must be placed between two friction disks before starting.  


3. The slider cannot rise or rises slowly.  

The reason:  

(1) The clearance between the flywheel and the friction disc is too large or the friction disc is loose;  

 (2) insufficient oil pressure of hydraulic control mechanism;   

(3) Wear of the two fulcrum bearings of the transmission shaft, resulting in increased friction;  


The lower part of the nut upsetting, resulting in screw clearance is too small.  

Solution: Contact professional maintenance personnel to eliminate and repair specific reasons.  


4. The oil pump of the control system heats up, causing the oil temperature to rise.   

The reason:  

(1)The pressure of the relief valve is too high;  

(2) The ambient temperature of the oil pump is too high.  



(1) Adjust the overflow valve;  

(2)Do not make the oil pump close to the heating furnace. 

friction press


5. The friction belt of the double friction press is broken or dropped.  

Cause: Caused by continuous friction of the friction belt.  

Solution: Try to prolong the service life of the friction belt, for example:  

(1) Check the tightness of the tension bolt of the friction belt regularly;  

(2) The brake device should be used according to rules, and the brake belt should not be stained with oil;  

(3) Keep the contact surface of friction wheel and flywheel clean;  

(4)When operating the handle, the side pressure of the friction wheel to the flywheel should be appropriate 

6. Other faults such as cushion damage, rail strain, balance cylinder pull rod broken, etc.  

 It is necessary to pay attention to the operation method, check and adjust the clearance of guide rail frequently, and strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of equipment.  


The service life of the friction press is closely related to the operator's operation of the press. If the operator's operation and maintenance is improper, it will lead to the failure of the friction press and greatly reduce the service life of the friction press.  

Of course, if possible, more advanced servo screw press can be considered, because servo screw press has many advantages.  For example,precision control,reasonable structure,cheaper maintenance,etc.  If not considering the recent CNC press or friction press into CNC press, operators still need to keep in mind the frequent problems and solutions of friction press!