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Four aspects of power press machine maintance

  The engineers of Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. found that many customers had some improper operations when maintaining the  power press machine. These small problems are likely to affect the safety of workers or presses.Therefore, Zhengzhou Hualong mechanical engineers summed up the four points of maintenance attention, let us learn together.

1. Pay attention to security during maintenance

  When ues the  power press machine,ensure that the locking and opening procedures are performed correctly to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and ensure that the sleeve is placed at the bottom of the stroke prior to performing maintenance work on the brake. So there is no need to lock the sleeve again.

power press machine

2.Leave the electrical work to the relevant professionals

  Only a qualified electrical technician can maintain the electrical wiring of the power press machine , but you can still check the light bulbs on the control panel for normal operation, make sure that the indicators are working every time you use them, and correctly indicate the various operating conditions of the press machine.

3.Keep the workshop clean

  Keep the power press machine clean so that the operator or maintenance personnel can find the problem of the machine more quickly. If the press is clean, it is easy to find its faults.

4.A balanced position for the press

  To ensure that the press is in a balanced position and properly balanced press can work efficiently, it is best to have an annual inspection.

  Of course, the operator is also extremely important in the use of the power press machine  to notice strange sounds, abnormal temperature rise, smoke, debris or metal particles in certain parts, and leaking lines. Every day operators should ask themselves some questions, and check the truth, so as to maintain long-term maintenance records, once found a problem, you can quickly contact Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., Zhengzhou Haloong professional after-sales team will rush to the site for in-depth maintenance work.