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Two core technologies for forging industry leaders

Forging industry is a basic industry with a large number of enterprises and strong technology similarity. Relying on a simple traditional industry chain cannot bring rapid development of the industry.  During the 14th Five-year Plan period, a complete industrial chain and industrial group dominated by forging technology will be formed to improve the quality and efficiency of mass manufacturing and reduce manufacturing costs.  Encourage and guide the establishment of a (class) forgings as the main line of enterprise groups.  

I. Development and application of advanced forging technology  

Forging process development direction: high quality, low cost, short cycle, lightweight, high strength, high efficiency, lean, digital, modular, automation, networking, information, green, security, and finally to intelligent.  

Adopt new process and technology, further control noise, save material and reduce energy consumption, reduce waste discharge, achieve green forging.  

II. R&d and application of high-end equipment

To carry out forging equipment research and development work centering on major national needs, and solve the bottleneck problems of forging equipment demand of key national projects, such as isothermal forging electric screw press (vacuum, protective atmosphere) for hard-deformation alloy and powder superalloy used in aviation.  

The r&d and application of major forging equipment has been included in the national development strategy of strong foundation, and the domestic forging equipment share in key fields and enterprises is more than 80%, and the domestic forging equipment share in the whole industry is more than 95%.  

Powerful forging enterprises should formulate future development roadmap, especially state-owned enterprises, and vigorously promote the reform of mixed ownership to stimulate their own vitality.  In the face of the new needs of the host market, international enterprises have made breakthroughs in the field of new technology and new products in the industry, from imitation to leading, and are committed to becoming the world's leading level of forging suppliers.