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Why is servo press favored by forging enterprises?

Servo technology of servo press

The servo press adopts single or multiple servo motors, the control system is controlled by computer, digital and feedback control technology is used, and the modern servo press has strong process adaptability, low noise and low energy consumption, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.

After years of development, servo technology has been widely used in the field of press.In the field of work-in-process forming press and auto parts pressing press, through the efforts of many technicians, servo technology has gradually become mature, which has been recognized in many industries and begun to be accepted by more and more production enterprises.


Servo press, applicable process

Servo press is used in many industries. The assembly of medium parts in automobile and auto parts industry is realized by pressure assembly.

As a new technology, servo press has advantages that traditional hydraulic press does not have. The advantages of choosing servo press for auto parts are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1, the mold life is high, pressure NUMERICAL control, the mold will not overload wear and damage.

2. Extremely simple structure and low cost.

3, intelligent automatic NUMERICAL control, the operation of the press by high-speed computer intelligent numerical control, can achieve full automation, without manual operation.

4. The equipment has high reliability, no wearing parts, higher strength than the permanent magnet servo motor, solid and reliable, impact resistance, and the maintenance of the equipment without maintenance can effectively save maintenance personnel and maintenance hours.

servo press production embodiment

The servo press represents the development direction of the press. It is of great economic and social significance to study the servo press driven directly by the servo motor.

1. Increased productivity.

2, high precision products, through the closed-loop feedback control, always ensure the accuracy of the bottom dead point, to inhibit the rough edge of the product, prevent the production of defective products.

3, low noise, mold life through the low noise mode, compared with the general mechanical press, greatly reduce the noise, and the mold vibration is small, long life.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection, it cancels the energy consuming components of the traditional mechanical press, simplifies the mechanical transmission structure, and reduces the power consumption, so the operation cost is also greatly reduced.

electric screw press

the future trend of servo press

The application of the servo press technology to the precision of modern mechanical precision intelligent control opens the door, the application of the servo press in the installation process has shown its obvious advantage in product forming, realization of automation, die life, energy use, several aspects, such as failure rate also has obvious advantages, with the rapid development of domestic automobile industries such as new energy, market demand for manufacturing equipment more strict, servo press obviously has become the mainstream of intelligent precision pressure equipment production line equipment, are greatly occupy all walks of life, belongs to the era of the servo press, the arrival of the true!