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Benefits of precision forging screw press

The screw press is a typical forging equipment. Compared with hydraulic press and hammer, electric screw press is still a non - lifting metal forging equipment.

The screw press can provide large forming force and energy at a reasonable cost. From the kinematic point of view, there is no fixed bottom dead point, and the car will not be suffocated under load.

As an electric equipment, the forging stroke of screw press is relatively short, the energy output is stable, and the forming repetition precision is high.Screw press is suitable for preforging, straightening, hot and cold finishing and fine pressing. Steel, aluminum and other alloys can be processed.In the field of powder metallurgy forging, the sintered blank can be compacted. The screw press is very suitable for open and closed precision die forging production due to its characteristics.

High quality servo electric screw press manufactured by Haloong. The flywheel is directly driven by the motor for acceleration. The flywheel is connected with the screw.Brake energy regeneration function, reasonable energy consumption and short cycle cycle characteristics greatly improve the efficiency of screw press. This driving principle enables precision forming and computer-controlled output power.

The screw press produced by Haloong company has a variety of supporting options, including forging mechanical arm and automatic testing system. Makes it possible to automate forging.

electric screw press