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Overclocking furnace

The technology reduces the voltage on the primary coil in the super audio transformer, which greatly reduces the problem of insulation flaring caused by high voltage.Customers report high reliability of equipment;

Super audio transformer small size, light weight, small loss, mobile, covers an area of less than 1 square meters, for customers to save 10 times the production space;

High power, fast heating, high efficiency, convenient operation, improve the electrical conversion rate, make the equipment energy saving 30-40% above, and then reduce the cost.


Automotive industry: crankshaft, connecting rod, sprocket, aluminum wheel, gear, transmission shaft, small shaft quenching heat treatment;

Hardware hand tools industry: pliers, wrenches, hammers, axes, rotary tools, scissors (garden scissors) and other quenching;

Hardware metal, mechanical processing parts: shaft, gear, sprocket, CAM, chuck, fixture and other quenching;

Machine tool industry: quenching machine bed surface, machine tool guide rail, etc.