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Intermediate frequency heating furnace

The medium frequency forging heating furnace has the advantages of high power, low frequency, good diathermability, low power consumption and independent cooling system.Ensure that the machine works continuously for 24 hours under the maximum power, improve the performance and quality of the equipment.

The heating speed is fast, the surface of the workpiece is heated evenly, the energy consumption is only 20%-50% of the high frequency of the vacuum tube, and the best energy saving effect is achieved.

No open fire, no pollution and no noise in line with the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection, greatly enhance the image of the enterprise;

It can be equipped with infrared temperature measuring instrument to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify personnel operation.

Good effect, simple operation, convenient installation, CNC design, the whole machine without debugging, 5 minutes can learn to operate.


Metal smelting (smelting of gold, silver, steel, iron, copper and other metals)

Metal welding (brazing, silver welding, brazing)

Metal heating molding (hot extrusion, hot forging, hot fusion)

Heat treatment of metals (surface hardening, local hardening, high frequency hardening)

Metal annealing (tempering, tempering, de-stressing)