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SERVO SCREW PRESS——Proprietary technology,CE certification

Haloong Servo screw press is used as a servo motor drive, the transmission efficiency is high, the fault rate is low, the motor speed is fast, the split is large, and the digital control energy is released, which can fully forged the hit.


It has the characteristics of strong anti-bias capacity, small mold stress, long life, and high hard work. Experience in energy saving, accurate control of hitting force is better than other pressures. There is no fixed point, no crash can be automatically completed.


Suitable for die forging, pressing, correction, bending, imprinting. It is an ideal forging press of the train, car, tractor, aviation, hardware tool, medical device, cutlery and other industries.


Industries with Servo Motor

3.To creat a better future with Servo

  • Aerospace field
    Aerospace field

    For all the moving parts, about 10% cost of a missile is servo control product.

  • Electric car

    With the development of electromobile industry, drive motor related skills are promoted. Servo motor becomes the first choice.

    Electric car
  • Medical field
    Medical field

    From the radiology to the operating table, the servo precision motion control provides effective treatment for medical care.

  • CNC machine tool

    The servo control system is an important part of the CNC machine tool. The accuracy and speed indicators of the CNC machine tool are determined by the servo system.

    CNC machine tool

Servo service forgeThe beginning is the peak

Forging and Forming Automation, developers` persistence strong bearing, rust prevention and
  • 启动速度

    Implement a variety of complex blow craftsmanship

    Digital settings ensure consistency of forgings, and do not need to operate experience, make easy blow; flexible chemical curve expansion products, extension of complex products.

  • 控制精度

    Energy saving, vibration reduction, noise reduction, environmental protection

    Servo motor only turns when the machine is running, so the energy saving effect is more than 55%. Since there is no need for clutch, flywheel and other parts, it reduce the noise, vibration effectively.

  • 反馈方式

    Implementation automation

    It can realize automatic loading and unloading, automatic mold spraying, automatic molding, automatic demoulding, automatic picking, automatic transmission and placement of various processes of unmanned automatic production.

  • 过载能力

    Check in Haloong’s Cloud

    Haloong intelligent production management system can realize that boss, factory director and workshop director to check their corresponding business. You can check the factory situation by mobile phone, computer anytime and anywhere.

HALOONG 41 year focuses on electric screw press and automation research and development

To realize the intelligence - continuous - high efficiency of forging enterprises

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Improve quality and increase efficiencyThis is the start of forging 4.0

  • Improve profitability
  • Product extension
  • Docking automation
  • Industry trends
Improve profitability Servo electric screw press, digital control of the production process, greatly improve the accuracy and quality of products.
  • Servo forging press is driven by servo motor, which can set the strike speed according to different products, so that to improve the production efficiency.
  • Digital control of the production process, to avoid poor product quality due to human factors.
  • Servo precision control can improve product accuracy by 12%-15%, which is conducive to the high-end products.
Product extension To set strike intensity, strike frequency, strike speed automatically according to different molding process requirements.
  • It greatly broadens the range of forgeable materials (steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.) and forgeable products.
  • It can realize the molding of various complex products and high value-added products.
  • To realize extrusion, deep drawing and other processes with large forming energy. It can replace the hydraulic press for high strength steel plate hot stamping.
Docking automation The press machine can be organized into the full automatic production line, completely without the skilled degree of workers during the automatic operation.
  • Digital control to meet the requirements of online automation of stepping beam, robot and mold spray device. So that to realize the automation of the whole press, stable and reliable operation;the program automatic operation, completely without the skilled degree of workers.
  • Haloong full automation R&D Center, can provide on-site customer testing, and automation planning scheme, simulation.
Industry trends The world famous press enterprises all adopt servo drive
  • the world famous screw press manufacturers are using synchronous servo motor.
  • With the requirements of intelligence and high efficiency, most large enterprises have completed the upgrading of servo press equipment.
  • With the improvement of downstream customers' demand for product quality and precision, enterprises are forced to optimize equipment and process to enhance their competitiveness.

Application of Haloong’s servo press

It can realize the molding of various complex products and high value-added products

Main technical data of Servo Electric Screw Press
  • High rejection rate!
  • Equipment polarization!
  • Heavy environmental protection pressure!
  • Low efficiency and low output value!
Haloong integrated solutionThe beginning of forging 4.0
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