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Servo electric screw press: the magic tool for saving labor cost in forging factory

Servo electric screw press is a kind of labor cost saving tool in forging factory. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and cost reduction, and is gradually replacing the traditional press to become the mainstream equipment. This paper will introduce in detail the labor cost saving characteristics of servo electric screw press and its application in forging plant.

Servo electric screw press is a kind of press that adopts the principle of screw transmission, which drives the screw rod through the servo motor to realize the pressing of the workpiece. Compared with traditional presses, servo electric screw presses have the following advantages:

High efficiency: Servo electric screw press adopts high-precision servo motor, which can achieve fast response and efficient pressing, greatly improving production efficiency.


Energy saving: The servo electric screw press can be closed at any time when it does not need to work, avoiding the waste of energy caused by traditional pressure idling for a long time.

Cost reduction: The servo electric screw press can reduce manual intervention in the production process and reduce labor costs.

In the forging factory, the servo electric screw press can be applied to the production of various forgings, such as bearings, gears, connecting rods and so on. The production of these forgings in the traditional press requires a lot of manpower and time, and the servo electric screw press can realize automatic production, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Operating a servo electric screw press requires certain skills and experience. First of all, hardware and software parameters need to be set reasonably to ensure the stability and accuracy of the pressing process. Secondly, it is necessary to select the appropriate pressing procedure and optimize it according to different forging and process requirements. Finally, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the equipment regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In short, the servo electric screw press as a forgings factory to save labor costs, with high efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction and other advantages. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous promotion of applications, the servo electric screw press will play a greater role in the field of forging production and create more value for the forging factory.