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Why equip a servo hot forging machine with an industrial robot?

Haloong equips our servo hot forging machines with industrial robots, the purpose is to help enterprises to produce more efficient, energy-saving and safe, so as to obtain greater economic benefits. Below we will analyze in detail.

1. The servo hot forging machine is equipped with a manipulator to make the production workshop safer

The forging factory uses industrial robots to cooperate with servo hot forging machines, which can solve many problems in safety production. For personal reasons, such as unfamiliar work flow, work negligence, fatigue work and other hidden dangers in production safety, all of them can be solved.

servo hot forging machine

2. Servo hot forging machine equipped with manipulator is easier to manage

Forging enterprises can clearly know their daily production volume, and receive orders and produce goods according to their own production capacity. And the factory's daily management of industrial robots will be much simpler than managing employees.

servo hot foging press

3. It is more economical to equip the servo hot forging machine with a manipulator

The servo hot forging machine and the industrial robot can work together in a 24-hour cycle, which can achieve the maximum output of the production line, and there is no need to give overtime costs. For enterprises, it can also avoid the fatigue of employees after long-term high-intensity work, and the absence of work caused by sickness. After the production line is replaced by industrial robots, the company only needs to leave a few employees who can operate and maintain the industrial robots to maintain the industrial robots. The economic benefits are very significant.