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How to choose the right forging screw press for forging enterprises?

Forging industry as the foundation of the manufacturing industry, has a pivotal role, with the change of market demand and forging industry upgrading of forging equipment, forging enterprise will think of the future when the choose and buy screw press forging the accuracy requirement of the market for forging, equipment, production efficiency and the demand of the degree of automation, So how should forging enterprises choose forging screw press?


1.Electric forging screw press is preferred over friction screw press

Friction screw press has high energy consumption and poor precision, which can not meet the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and energy saving and market product demand. Therefore, it is recommended to choose electric screw press.


2 can choose numerical control do not choose program control

Program controlled electric screw press only for a certain program control, numerical control electric screw press, is a digital control, through the digital quantity of computer technology control technology. Program controlled electric screw press is not as flexible as NUMERICAL control electric screw press, program controlled electric screw press has been adjusted by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, only according to the set program operation, technical and flexibility and accuracy are lower than numerical control electric screw press.

3.Choose fully sealed structure static pressure screw press do not choose exposed or semi-exposed structure

The fully sealed static pressure structure not only effectively isolates the external dust, reduces the wear of the screw nut and improves the life of 3-5 times, but also the cylinder block of the slider acts as a cylindrical guide rail, with good positioning and guidance.

4. Choose the split body body rather than the whole body, and choose the cast steel body rather than the welded body

Some customers reported that the forging screw press of the integral body or welding body had serious problems such as cracking of the body during use. The forging screw press of cast steel and the split body are more reliable and durable than the integral body and welding body.


5. Can choose large forging screw press not small factory 

Compared with small factories, large forging screw press manufacturers have their own research and development ability, processing ability and after-sales ability, and can provide better and reliable service to customers in the use of equipment. 

To sum up, in the selection of forging screw press can choose electric screw press, not friction press, choose electric screw press, preferred servo electric screw press, digital precision control, high precision, low energy consumption, no wearing parts.