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The high-quality alloy forgings required for lightweighting are inseparable from the servo forging press machine

Servo forging press machine alloy forgings is even more surprising. In recent years, alloy forgings have become an international development trend. Aluminum alloys have been widely used in various industrial sectors due to their small weight and high strength. Aluminum alloy forgings have become indispensable materials for mechanical parts in various industrial sectors, especially is the automotive industry.


servo forging press machine

   In recent years, aircraft, spacecraft, railway vehicles, subways, high-speed trains, ships, etc. with high lightweight requirements all require the support of lightweight forgings, so aluminum alloy forgings are becoming more and more popular. Aluminum alloy forgings are inseparable from the participation of servo forging press machines, because servo forging press machines have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and more energy saving. The produced forgings have a higher qualification rate and less material waste, and are more popular with manufacturers.

servo forging press machine

   Haloong's servo forging press machine is driven by servo motor, which saves 55% of electricity, has fast response speed and high control precision, and is more suitable for the manufacture of refined alloy forgings. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to come and consult!