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The electric bicycle market is developing rapidly, and the huge demand in the international market

  Forging press machines are essential equipment for forging forgings. The reasons for the epidemic and the problem of energy shortage have made electric bicycles the most suitable means of transportation. Annual sales of e-bikes in Europe are expected to surge from 3.7 million in 2019 to 17 million in 2030. As soon as 2024, annual sales of electric bicycles will reach 10 million. Therefore, the demand for bicycle forgings has greatly increased, which is inseparable from the manufacture of forging press machines.

   In March of this year, the European Bicycle Organization released a set of data showing that even after the epidemic, the sales of electric bicycles showed no signs of slowing down. "Forbes" believes that: If the forecast is accurate, then the number of electric bicycles registered in the EU each year will be twice as many as cars. Volkmar Dunner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bosch Group, said: "The current European electric bicycle market is developing rapidly, and this year's growth rate has reached 35% year-on-year."

forging press machine

  With the development trend of lightweight, aluminum alloy forgings are widely used in bicycles and electric vehicles. Aluminum alloy forgings have become a development trend in the world, with great significance and great potential. The fourth-generation fully enclosed static pressure servo forging press machine developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery has the following advantages in the aluminum alloy forging process:

forging press machine

  1. Driven by permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, fully digitally controlled, the stroke, speed and force can be adjusted and controlled, and the production efficiency is high.

  2. It can realize the servo control of the working process speed and realize the servo control of the aluminum alloy forging deformation process;

  3. The forging temperature range of aluminum alloy is narrow. The servo forging press machine is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous servo motor with excellent speed regulation performance. When the slider is close to the bottom dead center, the speed of the slider is extremely fast, the temperature change of the mold is small, and it is precisely controlled. Strike energy, no excess energy consumption acts on the mold, and the mold has a long service life;

  4. Seamless docking, automatic loading and unloading and lubrication