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The demand for rail transit forgings has greatly increased, and the servo forging press is the ideal forging equipment

  Servo forging press machines have become the main production equipment for the production of railway transportation-related forgings due to the advantages of high precision. In recent years, both China and the world have seen a great rise in rail construction, and the forging industry has directly benefited from the construction of new infrastructure intercity high-speed railways and engineering construction in the intercity rail transit industry.

forging press machine

   So, which forgings need a servo forging press machine to produce? At present, the track-related products manufactured by the forging process include: bearings, gears, track seats, main and auxiliary connecting rods, crankshafts, gear hook and tail frames, steel tops of piston heads, bolts and nuts, elbows, plate and block forgings, pins Forgings, etc., are widely used in key components such as traction systems, braking systems, and steering systems of rail vehicles.

forging press machine

   Haloong servo forging press machine adopts servo drive system, the machine has fast response speed, high forging precision, high qualification rate of forgings produced, and less material waste. In addition, 55% of electricity is saved compared to friction presses. Welcome partners from all over the world to come to consult!