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China's export of automatic machinery has overtaken Germany to become the champion !

In recent years, with the development of automation, robots and other automation equipment in the world's major industries more and more popular application.  The top three countries for manufacturing automation are South Korea, where there are 731 robots assisting every 10,000 people, Singapore and Germany.  In China, due to the impact of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, the proportion of automatic forging equipment has increased by 23% in the past two years.  

1.In the face of weak population growth and aging population, more forging enterprises choose automatic docking  

For the forging industry, there are three main reasons to force the automation development of the forging industry: the shortage of age-appropriate labor force, the impact of the epidemic and the needs of national policies and international situation.  Take China, the US and the UK as examples. China is facing problems such as weak population growth and aging population.  Vacancies are at record levels in both the US and the UK.  The rampant epidemic has once again reduced people's enthusiasm for employment.  More and more forging enterprises begin to accelerate the development of automation. In China, the forging automation in the forging industry is rapidly increasing by 12%.

forging automation

2.To cope with industry 4.0, enterprises must improve their international competitiveness  

Big time industrial 4.0 allows countries to build a highly flexible personalization and intelligent digital manufacturing mode is particularly important, China's "made in China 2025", "of British industry 2050" in Britain, the United States such as the strategy of "advanced manufacturing" requirements to vigorously develop industrial manufacturing intelligent automation, improve the core competitiveness in the international. 

forging automation

3. China's export of automatic machinery has overtaken Germany to become the champion  

For servo presses, China used to rely mainly on imports.  Now, already, made in China to created in China, China's speed to the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand three shift, China's domestic press has been able to meet the demand of domestic most now, and with the characteristics of high quality and low price moves towards the international market, in China's domestic press from once upon a time the market share of 40% to 81% today,  Haloong's servo press accounts for 62% of the market share.  For the international market, China's servo press is no longer only flowing to the emerging markets in Africa and Asia, Haloong's screw servo press has been exported to Russia, Belgium, Germany, Poland and other countries, and has been widely praised. 

forging automation


With industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 as the development direction, Haloong has been focusing on the research and development of screw press and supporting automation equipment, servo screw press, forging automatic production line, forging Internet of things cloud network system for 41 years. We will always help the automation and intelligent development of forging enterprises as our mission and goal.