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The demand for servo press made in China is strong, and Chinese precision forging enterprises immediately transform


  Press is the main forging equipment, the research and application of press is directly related to the foundation of a country's manufacturing industry.  The development trend of global forging industry has changed from "quantity" to "quality".  From "quality" to "excellent".  With the development of new energy vehicles, aerospace, military equipment and other fields have higher requirements for forging refinement. Precision forging has become a big trend.

precision forging


  More than 95 percent of the blades of aerospace engines in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other European countries are produced by precision forging technology.  In addition, in terms of new energy vehicles, according to the IEA's optimistic forecast, by 2025, the global sales of new energy vehicles will reach 20 million, with a compound growth rate of 45%.  The increasing efficiency and quality of motors and new thermal and hybrid engines, such as drastically reducing friction and providing greater mobility, require high-precision forging and machining parts for both engines and motors.  At present, 99% of Japanese enterprises need to purchase servo presses when they add new presses.  Market demand for precision forging is increasing, so its production equipment servo press has become the industry's first choice.  Servo press with its servo control, can precisely control the energy, more uniform products, is the first choice of precision forging production equipment.  

  As for the servo press required by precision forging, the equipment quantity of servo press in China is about 35% at present, which involves forgings enterprises of automobile, electric power, aviation, military industry and so on, realizing partial self-sufficiency and decreasing import volume year by year.  Haloong Machinery exported servo press to the market in 2008, accounting for 60% of the market in China, but also loved by the international market, "Made in China" is still the king of cost performance.  The same price, quality and cheap.  Also let more developing countries forge enterprises to participate in the world forgings market competition.