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Why do forging enterprises carry out intelligent manufacturingIndustry 4.0 is the direction

  • 国家政策方向
    International development

    With the global emphasis on innovative technologies, the Industrial IoT is no longer a wait-and-see technology. Enterprises must take action to develop the Industrial IoT and promote enterprise intelligent manufacturing. Otherwise, there will be a risk of being eliminated.

  • 产业调整升级,行业趋势
    Industrial restructuring and upgrading

    Some leading enterprises have begun to work on the layout of intelligent manufacturing, and have made some progress in automated production and field data collection. Forging enterprises are trying to reduce unnecessary costs and waste through integrated planning

  • 高端制造
    High-end manufacturing

    With the steady improvement of the overall technical level of the forging industry, China's forging industry is strongly promoted to develop towards the high-end direction. With the increasing demand for high-end manufacturing, it has become an inevitable trend for enterprises to move towards intelligent manufacturing industry.

Haloong’s Cloud Provide effective reference for digital management, optimization and reform of enterprises

With the deepening of "Forging intelligence", the automation, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection requirements of forging equipment and its production line have become the consensus of the industry. With the accelerating development of 5G, it is driving the transformation and development of various industries. Based on 5G information technology, Haloong has developed a set of intelligent manufacturing management system for the forging product molding industry independently. It realize the intelligentization of manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment based on intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, big data collection and analysis.

The content can be adjusted according to the different requirements of customers. You can set different account such as boss and factory manager.

The output can be updated and displayed in real time on the large-screen display in factory, so that each department can adjust the work progress effectively and timely. The boss can know the factory's real-time situation anytime, anywhere.

How to realize unmanned forging factory Industry 4.0 is the direction

By using intelligent manufacturing management system

It can realize equipment energy saving of 10%~30%, increase production efficiency by 20%, and reduce personnel cost by 30%

  • High scrap rate!
  • Equipment polarization!
  • Heavy environmental protection pressure!
  • Low efficiency and low output value!
Haloong integrated solutionThe beginning of forging 4.0
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