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China has surpassed Germany for many years to be the world's top forgings producer.

Forgings, as a necessary key basic component in equipment manufacturing industry, are mainly downstream manufacturers of complete sets of equipment in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power, petrochemical and other machinery industries, and eventually applied in various related industries of national economy and national defense industry.  China forgings from a large number of former dependence on imports to today's basic self-sufficiency and for many years ranked the world's largest forgings production and consumer.  The investment rate of advanced hot metal press used by the forging industry is getting higher and higher. China's forging industry has been catching up in recent years so that our forging industry has gradually enjoyed a louder reputation in the international.  

1. The rise of China's manufacturing industry, forgings output in the world continues to maintain the first  

With the implementation of made in China 2025 action Program and the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, China's forgings output continues to maintain a high level. In 2019, China's forgings output reached 11,984,000 tons, and in 2020, it reached 13,492,000 tons, with a year-on-year growth of 12.58%.  The forgings output in China has shown a steady upward trend and has become the largest producer and consumer of forgings in the world for many consecutive years.  The rapid rise of China's manufacturing sector has attracted international attention.  According to the German Federal Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment research, German machinery manufacturers in 2021 exports increased by 13%, however, In the same year, China's machinery exports increased by 31%, reached 165 billion euros in exports, overtaking Germany for the first time to become the world's largest machinery exporter, Germany may have long lost the competition with China.  

hot metal press

2.Manufacturing industry, look at China; hot metal press, see Haloong 

The rise of China's machinery manufacturing industry cannot be separated from the policy support of the Chinese government. "Made in China 2025" and "The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Forging industry" put forward that China should step forward to become a manufacturing power. Haloong follows the national direction and the pace of the world and adheres to the research and development road combining foreign introduction and independent innovation.  Formed a group of high-end forging products with independent intellectual property rights.  42 years dedicated research and development and production of metal hot press, to obtain a number of research and development of patent, with its own power production of the servo press have occupied 61% of the domestic market, not only to satisfy domestic demand, and even exported far to Belgium, Russia, Poland, Chile, Switzerland and India and other countries, Haloong has been constant innovation,  With excellent technical quality and excellent professional team, with their own hard power to conquer the world, so, manufacturing industry, look at China;  hot metal press, look at Haloong.