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Small popular science: forging screw press structure and use

1 purpose

Forging screw press is mainly used for the processing of high, medium and low grade refractory products, or the processing and forming of various metal materials products (cold and hot forging, cold forging of thin forgings, casting forging).

Generally, the lower part of forging screw press is equipped with forging ejector. Forging screw press has the effect of die forging hammer, mechanical press and other forging machinery, strong performance, can be used for die forging, blanking, drawing and other processes. In addition, screw press, especially conflict press is simple in structure and easy to make, so it is widely used.

forging screw press

2 structure

A forging screw press machine that uses a screw and a nut as a transmission mechanism, and converts the forward and reverse rotary motion of the flywheel into the up and down reciprocating motion of the slider by screw transmission. During operation, the motor makes the flywheel rotate faster to save energy, and at the same time pushes the slider down through the screw and nut. When the slider touches the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, and the stored rotational kinetic energy is converted into impact energy, which impacts the workpiece through the slider to deform it. After the impact is over, the motor reverses the flywheel, drives the slider to rise, and returns to the original position. The standard of screw press is indicated by the nominal working force.