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How the forging industry uses the construction machinery industry to usher in new business opportunities

The machinery industry is closely related to the forging industry. Advantages of forging press machines A powerful tool in the forging industry to promote production. In the face of the complex international environment and the downward pressure on the domestic economy, the construction machinery industry has further demonstrated the achievements of industry transformation and upgrading with the help of a stable and sound macro economy and continuous and stable investment in fixed assets.

forging press machine

1. Development status of construction machinery industry

The use of forging press machines to produce mechanical forgings is the direction leading the new development of the forging industry. Under the combined influence of many factors, such as the accelerated renewal of second-hand equipment in the market, the positive effect of air pollution prevention and environmental protection policies on the market, and the promotion and application of new technologies and methods in the construction field, the prosperity of the construction machinery industry is at a relatively high level.

forging press machine

2. Future trends of construction machinery industry

The forging press machine has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, and is more suitable for the production of forgings. The demand in downstream industries is strong, and the sales volume of various products has increased year-on-year. The industry prosperity and the growth of fixed asset investment are basically in a synchronous positive correlation. The launch of major projects and major projects in the future will bring corresponding market demand for the stable development of the machinery industry. In particular, various infrastructure construction, regional development layout, urban and rural construction and people's livelihood security projects all require the participation of construction machinery, and the market will continue to grow in the future.