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Small popular science: electric screw press and friction press difference:

Characteristics of forging screw press

1. The striking energy of the forging screw press can be set accurately, and the energy and striking force can be adjusted according to the forming precision to prolong the life of the grinding tool. It is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection press. Forging screw press striking energy can be precisely controlled, forgings forming tolerance is small, the quality of workers is not high, just set the forging forging required striking energy, by computer control of the striking process, without manual intervention, so the product quality is more stable than friction press.

2. Because the forging screw press can accurately control the striking energy, no excess energy is released on the mold, so the mold life is greatly improved than the friction press.

3. When the slide block of the forging screw press is static, the motor does not work, and the power consumption is low. The forging screw press has no fixed bottom dead point, so it is not necessary to adjust the height of the die, and the die is easy to change. It is convenient to adjust the height of the stroke and accurate return position.

forging screw press

Features of friction press

1 The friction belt is easy to wear and needs to be replaced frequently, it is difficult to control the striking accuracy, and the energy utilization rate is low.  

 2 The price of friction press is low, but the transmission efficiency is low. Compared with forging screw press, friction press consumes 20% of electricity