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Popular science: The history of forging screw press

    Forging screw press originated in Germany in the 15th century AD, is one of the oldest forming equipment, with a long history of development.In the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, forging screw press has become more and more high-tech and developed vigorously, forming a variety of varieties, complete specifications, the degree of automation and other characteristics, continue to contribute to the progress of human civilization.

forging screw press

    In the development stage of forging screw presses, basic forms such as friction presses, hydraulic screw presses, clutch screw presses, and electric screw presses have appeared.

forging screw press

    Haloong has been committed to the research and development of servo forging screw presses since its establishment in 1980. Compared with screw presses of other structures, Haloong's servo forging screw presses have better stiffness and strength, better forging accuracy, and more intelligent control systems. We not only focus on the research and development of forging screw presses, but also devote ourselves to designing unique production lines for customers, which will surely help customers outsmart the future.